AptDeco’s Staging Event: Meet Deborah and Brittany

Brittany Marom and Deborah Fribourg collaborated with us to create an AptDeco’s Staging Event at The Brooklyner to share our décor style with home enthusiasts. These two great designers sat down with us to talk about their background, creative process and insights about AptDeco.

Brittany Marom (Brittany Marom Interior Design) and Deborah Fribourg (DMF Interiors)

How long have you been interior designing and how’d you get into it?

D: Well I’ve doing it for about 4 years. I went to Brown University and afterwards I did a certificate program at the New York School of Interior Design. Then I worked for someone for 2 years and then decided to go out on my own.

B: I’ve been working in the business for about 6 years now. I did a bunch of internships when I was in college. I always knew that this was something I wanted to do, so I worked a lot for designers when I was in college in the summer. When I graduated from undergrad, I worked for an interior designer for about 2 years, prior to going off on my own.

So you guys had a pretty similar path. I know you both have separate business, how often do you collaborate on projects?

D: Staging has been something we’ve both been interested in, so we decided to collaborate for staging projects. In our individual businesses, we cater mostly to residential clients so it makes more sense to work alone. Anytime we do a staging project, we collaborate.

B: It’s a fun project for us to do together. Because usually the turnover rate is really fast and we get to be really creative and use our own vision for these spaces, rather than working for a particular client’s interests.

How would you describe your personal style?

B: I would say my personal style is… you know it ranges. I think it depends on my mood a lot of the times. Overall, I’d say it’s like rustic modernism, with a hint of mid-century masculine touches.

D: We’re pretty similar! I’m very eclectic, but with a touch of bohemian. I like clean lines, modern, contemporary. It really depends, and it’s hard because when you’re working for a client they always have a certain vision, so you really have to do what they want, but then they’ll ask for your opinion so you get to put your own touch into it.

B: Especially when you’re younger or less experienced as a designer, you really want to appeal to the masses and I think that’s a really good way to learning a lot of different styles and aesthetics.

Do you think you were able to fulfill your personal style on AptDeco?

D: Yeah, I have to say I think this apartment came together really well. There’s definitely touches of things that I would do in this apartment for a client or even for myself. It made us think and get very creative. Obviously we had to add the accessories because those are so important, but for the most part I think it really did come together well.

B: Yeah I would say a lot of the clean modern lines touched with old colors, like reds and yellows, with a lot of wood and those kind of rustic elements really captured our vision well.

Do you think that AptDeco is a good option for designers to show their clients?

D: I actually recommended AptDeco to a new client who wanted to sell furniture because I think the selling aspect of AptDeco is amazing. The fact that the client just posts their pictures and then you guys come and pick it up whenever it sells. In regards to buying, I have some friends who use your site who have enjoyed their experience.

B: I think it’s for a younger demographic. It’s really easy to get a nice piece for a great price.

D: I also think the art and the eclectic stuff you really can’t buy in stores, you guys are great for.

How about for someone looking to design their apartment on their own?

D: I think you guys are perfect for that.

B: I think that’s absolutely your market. Especially The Brooklyner, it’s in a very college area, so I would think a lot of people living here are students, so this is really an excellent outpost for them.

Definitely, students strapped for cash are always looking for good deals. Overall, what did you think of this experience?

B: Deborah and I really enjoy working together and we enjoyed the challenge of this project. The vendors you provided were so different, so trying to piece all these different styles together was tough, but in the end it came together really nicely.

If you’d like to know more details about this project, you can take a look at the items that inspired these promising designers here. You can also check out the final result of this project: Just stop by and visit our event in Brooklyn.

Originally published at www.aptdeco.com.

Written by Tyler Clark

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