Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes

Color can really make a statement anywhere in your home, and your bedroom is no exception. Choosing colors that fit you is particularly important in such a personal and intimate space. If you have yet to decorate your bedroom, a color boost may be just the answer.

You’ll often find that the bed is the focal point of your bedroom because it takes up the largest footprint in the room. It’s especially true in urban spaces, with smaller rooms, sometimes barely larger than a closet. As the focal point, you will want to start there and work your way out until you have the look you’re going for.

At a loss for ideas? Start with your favorite color and match it with other complementary or contrasting shades. Start with a white contrast if you truly don’t know where to begin. Here’s some color inspiration for your bedroom to help you go beyond the neutrals.


Yellow is serene but also sunny, depending on where on the color scale you’re headed. Pair a bright yellow with grey for a very modern look, a pale yellow with other pastels for a soft and feminine look, or grab that retro look by mixing mustard yellow with teal.


Any hue or tint of green will give your bedroom a really natural feel. It’s a harder color to match and that’s why we recommend sticking with whites unless you really know what you’re doing. Whether you choose a softer green for a coastal feel or an army green to really make your green pop, white is your go-to color balance for giving this color a sophisticated look.


One of the few colors that isn’t truly neutral but acts like a neutral is aqua. It goes with just about any other color. Pair it with neutrals like grey or brown, pastels like peach or lilac, or go bold with bright yellows or reds. It’s a great go-to color no matter which way you work.


On a slightly darker note, we have blue and even navy blue. Blue is a rich, royal color that’s idea for the bedroom. Despite it’s traditional notes of manliness, it’s a color that’s accepted as unisex. To soften its darkness, mix with white and/or neutrals.


Flip to the other end of the spectrum for pink. The trick to getting pink to work as an adult is to stay away from a full pink bedroom. Whether you choose a pastel or a fuchsia, use the color sparingly and mix with neutral colors like grey, woods, and metallics for an adult look.

From sherbet to bright orange, orange is simply just a bold color. Like pink, you need to use the color sparingly to keep your room from looking too gauche. Whites and blacks help tone down the color to give your bedroom a stylish look.


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Written by Susan Nathan

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