Top 3 Best Game Apps for September 2017

Its time for some fun, yes everyone need entertainment and many people like me get entertainment from Game apps. So this week i am talking about game apps, you can try and give me your feedback.

Lords mobile

First game i selected is Lord Mobile, this is a strategy game and you can play this game with million on players online. In this game you will be thrilled with powerful enemy’s and dangerous monsters. But at the end of the your are Hero you will have to struggle and win the battle. You will have your own legacy as emperor and you can recruit many heroes to fight for you. This game has beautiful 3D effects and you can make your strategy of war and fight with your enemies on the ground. Go and fight for your legacy.

Flip Knife

Second game i choose is Flip Knife, This game is realistic knife simulator game where you can through the knife and hit the target. You can use sharp knife from a large collection of knives from around the world. You can also collect different kind of weapons to play in this game. You will hit on target and jump to those shelves to collect gold, weapons and much more. So go and through a knife.

Word Connect

Last app is Word Connect, this is a classic word game to train your brain. You will see blocks of letters and these are scattered blocks of some words. You need to swipe to spell correct and make a word. There are more than 2000 levels, and you will collect coins on every level. You can ask your friends and family help while playing this game. So go and train your brain…