Just Start, Become “ Edhi ” .

Abdul Sattar Sahib sitting in his Office.

Who doesn’t Know this Great Man ? His work inspired many of us to do something for the cause of the Humanity. I have read Edhi’s autobiography “A mirror to the Blind”, In which we learned about his starting desire to work for the humanity. He himself got inspiration from his mother, as his mother Social welfare works was the bases of what he have done.

Here I Quote the Napoleon Hill’s famous saying,

“The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small of fire makes a small amount of heat.” — Napoleon Hill

Edhi Sahib desire for the welfare of the Humanity was too much high, He planned bigger in fact he started with the small beginning and Once he said that “ I can start small , but why Should I think Small”. I means that having what ever you have just go and start with the consistency.

Amal Academy’s Principles of the Progress related to the efforts of the Edhi, Edhi uses first

1- Amal / Action

2- Kaam Kam Aur Kaam.

As Edhi sahib take and Initiative ( Amal ) and then through his consistency and sincerity with his work leads to towards making a world level organization. Everyone doesn’t do for the cause of the Humanity, God sends Blessed persons for this noble cause as there were many fellow of the Edhi Sb, But Edhi took an initiative as he was pure and fully motivated he achieved his Goal. At the Start he work various labors work, sold things, works on shops these are the continuous Amal’s which is start of the of principle of the progress of the Amal Academy.

I here also describe the example of my that, how I am involved with the community development program.

EFE Education for every child — NGO

One of my best friend Kashif Ayoub started this NGO 3 years ago, they planned and just start working on the resources that they that time, currently it becomes a great organization for uplifting the society, Currently 200+ students are studying in their school “ Ibtida ” the best thin is that they have “Edhi Scholarships” students are getting quality education Free of the Cost, other than education their focus is also on the Health. I am also them for this noble cause.

I learned from the Edhi is that everything is possible, man should work hard in order to succeed he said “ I hated the failure and knew that Success is the synonyms with effort by which rule I Believe I Can Win”. So move on destiny is yours.

Logo of the Zaawiya School Trust

To build ZAAWIYA TRUST SCHOOL ( Linking Islamic Tradition to our Times). I along with my Prof. at the FC College University started working upon this project. Basically this is a trust school will run on the donation given by the people to provide the Education to the poor, actually many Organization are working on the education our top priority is to focused upon the character building so that they become future leader and uplift the society. We faced the donation issue in the Past as this is a project in which people have to contribute, but we are moving with the planning.

Donation Banner.

Difficulties are the part of the life, we often faced them, the biggest issue of the society in which rich people have everything, they didn’t want to contribute to the society, through donation issue sometime it seems the difficulty. We are learning through this no doubt its Great Innitiative.


Sir Shahid with Poor Students who will be part of School.
Renovation of the School is Going On.

we have taken a House on rent Renovation is going these days, Insha Allah by the September school will be properly start from the Class 2. Come and Join us for this Noble Cause. “ Donate to Educate”




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