US Political Revolution

No body will deny ;the US needs some drastic reforms in many areas of the system to make it work better for majority of the citizens living in a federation. But the question is whether it is possible to bring about a revolution by any means in a democracy like the US is . My answer is a big No . In any democracy governments assume office by the will of the majority electorates. But majority’ s will prevails to this extent because when in the office elected governments have to be bipartisan to accomodate the will of minority vote.So in a democracy , a revolution to succeed needs an all out backing by every body . And if this happens it will not be a democracy because by default it encourages differance of opinion , individualism etc .The US is a democracy that is ,freedom with certain rules . This is not anarchy . Instead a democracy that is the envy of democratic minded people of the world. A well established democratic structure and system that is improving in its deliverance step by step , chunk by chunk in accordance with process of evolution. Any US citizen with talent and will can make himself what she or he wants to be. Yet at least 13 million American are clamouring for some thing that is not less than a revolution through political process . Yes , true , American system is not sympathetic towards its poor , weak and ordinary citizens. But this is also a truth that present administration playing by the rules have displayed that State is sympathetic towards those who are not privileged . Actually what President Obama has accomplished in this particular context is by establishing that people’s will matters and hope that system responds if you raise your voice to make it a call.

You more than 13 million folks you have done your job by pushing the system to improve fast but you are not done here. The one percent who is holding up your welfare loves to see revolution minded people disillusioned, frustrated and hopeless . Their candidate is Trump , he is one of those one percent and a candidate of the party who owns them.