Aqua’s Hearts of Juno NFTs are now LIVE

Mint yours today on StarGaze!

Mint your Hearts and reap the rewards

You can now mint your Hearts of Juno NFTs here:

As a reminder, Each NFT you mint comes with 9 reward tokens (13,400 tokens). The full breakdown = 1,000 $Aqua, 2,000 each of $Casa, $Manna, $Empwr, $Summit, $Spero, and $Middle + 200 each of $Tree and $Sunset. These tokens will be airdropped to Heart holders.

The story behind the hearts.

If you’ve been following our journey, you know what Aqua is all about. We’re helpers, bridge builders, and believe in the power of collaboration. Most know that bear markets and overall tough and trying times can wear thin even the most resilient of us. But we can’t let a bear market divide us.

Aqua is building on Juno and is part of the Cosmos ecosystem. We’ve talked with and partnered with several projects building on Juno as well as other Cosmos chains. We maintain that for crypto to get to a point of mass adoption, collaboration and unity will be needed. We’re talking about founders, validators, VC’s, communities, builders, and content creators/media all working together to advance the vision.

Over the past few months, we’ve noticed an increased level of toxicity on CT and more specifically within the Cosmos ecosystem. Aqua tends to stay in our own lane and stay focused on our mission. However, in talking to countless teams, devs, and community members, it’s become clear that our (Cosmos ecosystem) persistent attacks, bickering, fighting, disagreements, etc. are taking a toll on the community and turning devs/teams/investors away. We believe the overall tone (toxicity mentioned above) has to change and that we can all play a role in creating a more kind, inviting, and supportive environment. Of course we promote inclusive, vibrant, and rigorous discussion as well, but our hope is that we consider what it looks like to outsiders looking in.

We must remember that 90%-95%+ of the world population has no clue about the intricacies of crypto, what’s being built, etc. It’s hard enough getting people to understand crypto let alone download an app, sign up for a CEX, on-ramp fiat, interact with a DEX, provide liquidity, lock tokens, trade derivatives, etc. Moreover, they’re supposed to follow teams and builders on twitter, jump in Discord, ask questions in TG, etc. All of that takes time and patience. We say all of that to say, few people will go through all of that to buy/interact with/store their crypto. When met with an overall negative tone it’s easy for these folks to turn away and not invest more time, energy and money into an ecosystem.

So what do we do?

Well, all of us can do our part. We believe in being the change we wish to see. For the most part, we encourage teams and builders to set the tone. We can create projects that bring people together. We can simply not engage with the negativity and choose not to drive the twitter algorithms to more people. We can take more of these challenging conversations private or offline so that we can better understand nuance. We can verify before casting accusations. At Aqua, we choose to keep building bridges. We choose to keep adding value to the ecosystem and rewarding our supporters. We choose to celebrate the success of others. We choose to extend a helping hand. That’s our pledge and ultimately what we believe will be needed if we want to continue to onboard millions of people around the world, liberate the oppressed, create more opportunities, and make a positive difference.

Our Hearts of Juno are just the first step. We wanted to create an NFT line that would promote love and positivity within the Cosmos ecosystem. While those who mint Hearts will be rewarded with tokens of the Aqua Ecosystem DAOs, we hope to create a much bigger conversation within the community that will ultimately help us all get on the same page moving forward. Let’s face it, we’re still the underdogs and we’re going to need to dig deeper than ever before to continue to blaze new trails. Let’s work together, fam. Let’s do this!




AQUA is a DAO dedicated to ending the world water crisis. Built on Juno. Launching soon…

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AQUA is a DAO dedicated to ending the world water crisis. Built on Juno. Launching soon…