Meghan Markle is a muzzled Duchess with a princess problem

A fairytale. Or not. You decide.

The princess trope. One of the (many) pervasive, pernicious, stupid female tropes in all storyland.

Man meets woman — fucks with her, then fucks her. She ends up alone. The end.

Man woos women — she fucks with him, then realises she’s in love with him. She gives up everything for him. The end.

Ginger prince meets attractive fairly successful TV actress of popular series and they date. She gives up everything to live in the boring part of England. The end.

Would you? Really?

Who in their right mind would want to be the female in these scenarios? Hell, I wouldn’t want to be the man either (except the Ginger prince. He’s done well for himself!)

Would you give up your own voice for love?

If you cared about social issues, politics. If you wanted to make a difference. Can you really achieve it being silently present at various charitable events, spouting generic words written specifically so they don’t offend anyone?

Would you give up your personal independence for your man?

Give up your work, a fairly successful career, a well paying job and future possibilities to play a faded version of yourself paraded in front of the masses.

Like a posh reality TV show where you can never say what you really think.

Would you squeeze yourself into an ill-fitting traditional role?

The most fervent royalists are middle-englanders living in predominantly white areas. They are traditionalists that still refer to Prince Harry and Williams as ‘the boys’; cloying sentimentalism that harks back to the loss of their mother (‘tragic loss’ as it must be described whenever it’s referred to).

The acceptance of a mixed heritage Duchess more to do with this over-sentimentality than open-mindedness. She’s welcomed but ‘don’t push it love’.

Would you set aside your education to become a clothes horse?

Meghan Markle wears clothes. Every day. It’s important. Apparently.

Your average person on the streets of the UK don’t give a damn what she wears, apart from the occasional observation that ‘she looks pretty’ the vast majority of people I know couldn’t give a toss.

But newspaper editors and media organisations do.

As an actress I dare say she’s had experience with the downside of celebrity and the gaze of the press. But would you let them have power over you and how you behave?

Right now these men (because they are almost always men, especially in the UK newspaper industry) are preoccupied with the shenanigans of the wider Markle family. They’ve not started with her yet. But they will.

Tell me again why the princess trope is so popular?

Because I can’t see it.

Right now there’s an unemployed TV actress appearing at twee rural events that’s found her prince. Good for her.

But all I see is an empty shell with nice smile in a pretty, expensive dress. How disappointing.

I don’t care what she wears and would rather hear what she has to say. Isn’t that the princess trope we deserve?