Errrrrrr, (One Might Very Well Ask!)…Hummm, What Hath Nature Wroth? ?

~~Just thinking. (Not that I know anything specifically nor personally about that which I am about to commence commenting on here.) But why would a rather ‘sensible’ and ‘balanced’ MotherNATURE which ultimately maintains us and balances all which keeps us whole, be blamed by a righteous-hoard for a so-called *Error” in her Harvest Basket? I am speaking of our Natural Planetary ‘Mom’; who does not waste her time, nor any acreage on beans she sprouts, nor her pears, corn nor any of her dozens of types of roses. One might just chance to ask why she might out of the clear-blue, choose to NarturallyPRODUCE a beautifully formed 5-’fingered’ plant called: Marijuana?!

“Mary Jane”, that widely scattered beautiful green plant which is perfectly organic and not known to be in any manner *poisonous. This plant is “utilized” in some way by every culture known to us. It thrives without our our cultivation and has become a household staple without the restrictions of any peculiar preparation process from us. It is a generously budding plant which can be eaten when paired with cakes n’ cookies, and even chicken and fish; or it can be dried and consumed as we have done with tobacco for centuries. ~[i have heard this/i have been told this]~ ::smiling::: .

This is not a treatise on any writs nor laws of any such [RELIGIOUS] Gods of the Universe, but regards the intimacy of Nature only. Need one ask: Is nature Crazy(!) Is IT/“she” in any manner or form in league with some form of weird planetary code or cowboy-outlawism? Does the natural order of her growth process breaking any interplanetary-code or ‘Law’ of our SolarSystem or even the rapidly spreading Galaxy?! :- /

There is no evidence of flowering detriment here. And no one has yet uncovered nor discovered any Human who might have secretly had a hand in [inventing] “Pot”! When we arrived — on every continent — there it was! Hundreds of millions of generations of this organic material, on whichever continent we happened to stumble upon. Going back into Ancient/Olden history. Beyond anyone’s memory and Eons of Earthling time.

note~~To conclude: in the annals of any and all Science that we know, NATURE does nothing which is an Intrusion Unto Itself/Herself. Nature is pure and unbending. Nature will not/can not violate HerSelf. She will grow nothing which is not needful. Admittedly ‘Intrusive’ Beings might misuse any Natural product which they place into their basket from the Wild. But far be it from Nature to abuse her Own, and neither does Nature *waste.