Frank L. Willow-Rogers Jr

Once upon a time we were mere ADAMA Beings. Just base evolutionary creatures who subsisted along a narrow Equilateral strip of southeastern Africa. But at some point we mysteriously began to develop, through an unbroken if still debated evolutionary Era between c.500,000BCE and the present 21stCentury. Many best-seller books have been researched, written and indexed since 1976 about how it is we evolved as connected and individual tribes around the globe. Yet we still do not know conclusively how we developed the same kinds of Drum, Bow and Arrow, Fire pits, etc without human contact among the world’s various continent-spaced “Tribes. The most Ancient of all OldenTexts spell out how the Anunnaki spurred our growth factor, keeping us on our feet time and time again when we so often faltered.

This [space] welcomes any and all serious efforts to show relevant theories of How, What, and When we got where we are. I look forward to sharing any link among us that points to an ancient Age which shows a genuine connection to us Beings by others outside our own selves.

No theory which has been given some consciously serious thought to this general subject is objectionable in this space. I follow the Works of: R. Buckminster Fuller; von Daniken; Velikovsky, or GRAYS…ROBOTS! I am open to everybody’s personal or collected understandings. Everyone’s theories are encouraged and welcomed here.

To revisit the central question on the table: Was there ever a period [previous to] the time of “The Bible”, of which our thoughtful contributors hold as theoretical or absolute, how Beings might have developed on earth before-the-common-era? Has a complete ‘written’ history of the time prior to the JudeoChristian “Bible” period of c.2000BCE forward, become part of an Historical assimilation in your particular Belief? Contributions herein would utilize INFOrmation collected from the first Civilization, Mesopotamia to Mesoamerica, the many Stonehenge(s), and all such points in between.

We will question if perhaps some interesting collection of passed-down information merges the Sumerians’ Olden-history, with that of cultures which came after. We’ll compare Peoples (previously of separate Tribes) in Babylon, Persia and Judea. Questions will be raised regarding the collection of materials Olden and Ancient, which have been passed-down to us. All statements and questions will be summed up as to how they reflect the probable dual-totality between pre-Sumerian and post-Judean cultures. We are asking how and why their cultural periods seem to be matched, or in what manner they are so mysteriously [parallel].

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