HTML Editor — A Program Exclusively for Web Developers

The Free HTML Editor is a free to download tool which was developed by software engineers for web developers. The tool currently ranks #15 in Web Development Software with over 14,090 downloads so far. There are many people who wish to become web developers but lack that support or need that guidance. This free HTML editor offers an excellent way to help such upcoming developers and other users who want to build their own web pages. This software creates readymade pages for the users on the internet. The tool comes with all basic features that are necessary to build a working website. However, the website is created only for a minimum time.

HTML developers especially would find this tool very helpful. They can also learn the language with minimum effort without the need for expert guidance. This tool also acts a great self-help tool for new developers. The HTML editor can be compared to one of those HTML coding tools with similar features. The tool comes with API as well as Libraries pertaining to HTML 4 and 5. All that the users have to do is to simply open the editor and get started. The tool is much similar to tool that supports HTML5 functionality. Tools such as Visual Studio, Net Beans, Dream Viewer, etc. are also available to support various web languages.

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About Free HTML Editor

The Free HTML Editor is a freeware that can be installed on any system that runs on Windows OS. The tool is very small in size i.e. 2.69 MB and can be installed in very few minutes. The tool was developed by software developers to help other users create web pages easily.



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