The secret AgriVenture blueprint.

Just between you and me!

“It will take all your time, effort and finally your money too.” This is what a farmer told me. He was the first one I met during these last three weeks on understanding agriculture.

I met more farmers — big and small, more lands — dry and wet, more machines — automated and not that much.

All I understood is it is not that easy to be in agriculture. So, I came you with a simple blueprint from what I understand and learnt of business:

  1. Start with a “product” and then go to “produce”. Do a backward integration of Food to Farm. Farm to Food is harm!
  2. Buy lands as much as possible. At least 30 acres as minimum slot! (Leads welcome) and Water matters the most!! .
  3. Corporatize agriculture to get the labour working on the lands. Getting people for farms in TN is possible, but they will want a punch card, HRA, cubicles and laptops, just as how New Zealand ranchers do.

That’s the blueprint! Keep it between us!!

I will start with a food product I have been eating last few years — award winning, freshly baked, sugar and maida free, organic Millet Rusk prepared by my mom and sold exclusively in hospitals like Sundaram Foundation, Vijaya hospital and SRM hospital for their diabetic patients.

****End of the series****

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