Top 10 Survival Foods

When you look for the cooking process and food supply, it will be a difficult task to you to choose the fresh ingredients for your food. And also it cost a lot to buy a huge amount of food at one time.

If you need to normalize your ingredients of your food with the best survival strategies, you need to go for buying dried ingredients to prepare a food. Apart from this, when there is huge distant due to water resources means, there is no probability of getting fresh ingredients. In that situation, you need to go for choosing a dried best survival food ingredients.

Some the survival food ingredients are listed with their description below,

Dried Beans,

Bulk Nuts

Peanut Butter,

Energy Bars and Chocolate Bars

Dried Beans:

The dried beans are beans such as Kidney beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans, pinto beans, and all other varieties of beans. The beans are highly concentrated with calories and also contains a remarkable amount of protein power in it. In addition to this, the beans contain much more minerals and vitamin together in it.

The dried beans are available with a packing of larger size than the canned beans but a number of beans is a little bit less. Before using this dried beans t=you need to soak it in a water for a long time.

Bulk Nuts:

The nuts are available in both of the forms of salted and unsalted, shelled and unshelled. The Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and a number of other nuts and seeds typically sold in supermarket survival food section. Most of the nuts are highly concentrated with rich mineral and vitamins which are essential for health. In addition to this nuts having a remarkable range of protein power in it.

The size of any nuts or seed is very small and a small cup of nuts can serve more energy to us. You can extend the storage of nuts by keeping it in an airtight container and place it in a fridge.

Peanut Butter:

The peanut butter is packed with more proteins and important fatty acids. In addition to this, they have rich in minerals and vitamins like copper and iron. For the best health maintenance try to choose a natural brand peanut butter without any artificial flavors added to it.

Just a tsp of peanut butter for a will help you to survive a limited time period without in taking the food during the disaster situations. Mostly people try to eat more calories to service during the disaster time, the peanut butter will help them to get calories in a certain amount.

Energy Bars and Chocolate Bars:

There are different kinds of energy bars available today with different taste. If you want to select an energy bar as a survival food the Look for brands with a high-calorie count as well as plenty of protein and a wide range of nutrients. The chocolate bars can be a quick source for getting energy.

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