How Do You See It?
Mark Sonnemann

I recently filled out a job application where the role called for creating sustainable change within the site context. It’s hard enough creating sustainable change in a classroom let alone across an entire school, so I can relate to your audit trail fail. This year in particular has been really interesting because when I stopped telling students what and how they had to learn, I had to start listening and responding to what they actually value. I’ve shifted a fair amount of resources to the circular file because when given the choice, students didn't want them. So now when student spurn my tools, processes, and systems, I ask them to show me a better way…

Co-designing learning with students has been a powerful experience. Identifying and defining the success criteria of tasks with students instead of for them has been one of the best changes I’ve made.

Was the audit trail something you designed with stakeholders, or was almost a fully formed idea that needed to be sold?

I really like the direction of our Learning Story collaboration because whilst the big picture and end point will be clearly defined, each individual has the opportunity to ignite their imagination and guide their own journey to the destination.

One positive sustainable change that we have made was introducing the LAUNCH cycle for design thinking projects. Funny thing is, most students don’t like using it. But begrudgingly, they continue incorporate it into their learning because they see the benefit. Every student has a different interpretation and utilises LAUNCH in their own unique way, but it just works. I really enjoy teasing them every time it comes up in planning because it feels like The Upside Down.

Love the context discussion around relationships, lens, and bias. These are topics I need to explore more deeply if I’m going to work out how to help create the sustainable change my job applications are asking for.

Good luck Emma! Bet she was stoked you were writing about her.

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