The main advantages of arbitrage on cryptocurrency exchanges include the following:

High speed deals. In normal trading, you have to wait for the moment in order to sell the risen assets, during arbitration you buy and sell assets as quickly as possible. This is not an investment in long-term, but an instant game on the difference in the course, which can be carried out several times a day.

Minimal losses. The speed of arbitration operations reduces losses in case of failure. …

There is one significant difference between cryptocurrency and conventional (fiat) currency. The first does not imply the issue of such banknotes as coins, banknotes, cards. At the same time for its use details are not required. There is no guarantee of value, which is necessary, for example, for the state’s gold reserves. However, the cryptocurrency is suitable for payment for goods (services). Consequently, it is possible to make currency exchange operations with it. That is, to engage in buying and selling.

So, cryptocurrency exchanges are able to guarantee the confidentiality of transactions and minimize risks. They are electronic trading platforms through which every Internet user can purchase a crypt for the classic currency.

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What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, or just crypto, is a kind of digital money based on the technology of cryptography, i. e. data encryption. It does not exist in any physical form, just electronically. Its major features are anonymity, decentralization and security.

What is crypto statistical arbitrage?

Arbitrage is buying and selling an asset of the same class in different markets simultaneously, with the purpose of profiting on the asset’s price discrepancies. As for statistical arbitrage on cryptocurrency markets, a coin is bought on an exchange A and sold simultaneously on an exchange B at a higher price (this is called…


Professional trading system for scanning, analyzing, developing strategies and trading by statistical arbitrage in cryptocurrency markets.

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