I doomed mankind with a free text editor
Morten Just

As a near luddite, I like this application, mostly as a thought experiment. The doomsaying pragmatist in me (and I imagine most Twitter critics) can see the clear utility, and imagines a future in which, like our phones, it is more than just a specialized business tool, or “nice to have” for the tech-savvy.

On the one hand, it would be great if overly complex jargon (too esoteric a word?) could be torn apart, allowing outsiders to see the verbal workings that insiders use to define our lives. However, once you have it, why not use it for everything? Why not use it for creative nonfiction, novels, poetry? What are you, an elitist? You want to gussy up your work with fancy speak so the common people can’t read it?

How <strike>egalitarian</strike>, <strike>dystopian</strike>, great!