Hey everyone!

I’m Carmen Obied and I’m an underwater archaeologist who codes! (not something you hear every day in the tech world, right?!) I hold a PhD in (maritime) digital archaeology and more recently decided to merge my passions for science and tech by pursuing a full-stack software engineering bootcamp at UCLA-Extension — and now I’m hooked!

This my first Medium post! I’ve wanted to do one of these for a while and I finally took the plunge. I graduate from my 6-month part-time bootcamp in mid-September, so the finish line is close and what a journey it has been! I started back in March, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, so it’s been challenging yet rewarding in so many ways. Although we’ve missed out on meeting our instructors and colleagues in person, coding together in coffee shops, attending meetups, etc, we’ve nonetheless built such a strong bond, experiences, and drive that have been extremely motivating during these difficult times. I’m also currently doing an internship as a software engineer where I’m leading my team and we’re building an analytics visualization UI and internal tool at InsightRX, having also worked previously on a client-project for American Honda Autos. …



Hey I’m Carmen Obied: Archaeologist & Coder | Training as a full-stack software engineer at UCLA Extension Coding Bootcamp.

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