Where the GOP’s Tax Extremism Comes From
Andrew Winston

I guarantee that if we eliminate all taxes and government and with all the guns running around in this country we will soon see a new government impose itself. The warlord with the most guns will rule and the tax rate he or she imposes will be a lot higher than the current rate. Human society will always organize itself into governments, be it the ancient Egyptians or Sumerians, or modern day Europe. Grover Norquist is a delusional ass who dreams of a Utopia that never existed and never will.

The problem is that ever since the beginning of time we have relied on one another both individually and collectively to survive. The myth of the super independent self sufficient survivalist is exactly that, a myth. We must navigate the labyrinth of life using the resources available to us and government should be treated as a resource. Everyone must have a voice in it and everyone must exercise their voice. We live and die together despite the old saw that we are born alone and die alone. It may feel like that but that feeling comes out of another important choice in life; how we approach society and our fellow humans. Do not live in isolation. Live in society with all.