A Masterclass In German Efficiency

This week I was lucky enough to travel to the Emirates Stadium where an in form Arsenal side took on Leicester, who had enjoyed a decent start to the season. Leicester took the lead early on, but after a quiet half an hour, the home side simply ‘got their shit together’ scoring three beautiful goals.

The most notable performance came from Man of the Match and captain Mesut Özil who stepped up to the mark in perhaps his most impressive Arsenal performance to date. The German maestro scored Arsenal’s opener and played a part in the other two goals, the last of which being a contender for goal of the season.

It was special. Like, really special. Remember the special you had at your favourite curry house that time you fancied something a bit different? Yeah it was even more special than that.

Dominant doesn’t seem like the right word to sum up how Özil played. It wasn’t as aggressive as that. He controlled the game at his own pace, like the composer of an orchestra while Leicester could only watch on, at the rhythm he dictated. In fact, to milk this analogy further, Leicester played the uninterested boyfriend of a classical music fan, there against his will, helpless to what went on around him.

This season has seen a bit of a renaissance for the former German international. Perhaps Emery’s regime is bringing out the best in him, or maybe his retirement from Die Mannschaft (which, I think, sounds like what a German man might call his penis) has relieved a lot of pressure. Particularly as he was the scapegoat fans would flock to after a poor result. Who knows?

Since signing for Arsenal in 2013 Özil has shown signs of what he is all about, but all too often has had long spells of piss poor performances accompanied by his trademark ‘I couldn’t give a fuck’ look.

Those pink Preds though! 😍

But this season I sense something different. Maybe the introduction of Lucas Torreira and Mattéo Guendouzi has meant that any defensive responsibility Özil may have had, is gone. To be honest, as a right winger, I couldn’t stand the thought of tracking back, putting in a tackle or challenging for a header. That’s the kind of madness reserved for 30 year old blokes wearing Puma Kings, a blue knee support and a tucked in shirt.

Whatever the answer is, it’s great to see a world class player back at his very best both physically and mentally. 29 more performances like that and maybe, just maybe, Mesut Özil could be adding to his extensive trophy collection.

Nah just kidding. But it’s a lovely thought!