I Woke Up Like This….

It’s such a strange day for me. My emotions are all over the place. Its day three, the unofficial last day of the do it at home boot camp phase and I am all jittery and flustered. The thought of all this effort and work done not paying off has me in a frenzy. What if I don’t make it to the second week of the boot camp? What if I have a brain freeze on Friday at the….oh let me catch you up on that. So after vigorous three days of self-teaching and submission of lab work every day, we get to go to Andela on Friday for a bunch of activities unknown to us at the moment. I am guessing it will be some sort of challenge to test if we have actually understood what we’ve been doing for the last three days. Now here is the thing… I don’t test well. Having had solitude to research and google and ask for help in the comfort of my comfort zone is a different thing from having to sit at the table and being expected to write complex algorithms that took me hours to understand in under five minutes..now that would be a challenge for me.

I am dead sure that I have greatly improved and that I have what it takes to be part of Andela but the big question is if they’ll see it like I see it. I need a minute, a quiet, devoid of pressure sort of minute, to think through problems and come up with a way to solve it otherwise my brain will freeze. Am I saying I can’t handle pressure? Ummmm…..it depends on how you want to look at it. All I know is that I function optimally given certain conditions and having someone peering over my shoulder whilst checking his watch every three minutes may not be super ideal for me.

However life is not known for its generosity to cater to all our wishes and wants. As the saying goes…if life keeps shoving lemons your way, well squeeze them dry and make yourself a tall glass of lemonade and enjoy! So despite all my fears, the plan is to stand tall, believe in my abilities, speak up and smile.

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