Lesson 1: Teamwork

Day one of the Andela Bootcamp and imaginary beads of sweat won’t leave my hairline alone! I am fairly new to programming and a lot of what I have to do and deliver on is somewhat new to me. Juggling between figuring out how trello boards work, keeping up with conversations on slack and negotiating with the friendly monster Github and her child Git, I feel like I can hardly catch a breathe. On the sunny flip side, I have learnt a tonne of really incredible stuff. The really small victories such a program running without a bug really excites me.

My biggest lesson today though would definitely be learning to leverage on the brilliant people around me. I naturally keep to myself and slave away until what am doing is complete but….that won’t cut it this time. My abilities and knowledge keep running short of what is expected and I have no time to research and self-teach and so I am learning to ask and to keep asking until I understand. It does not sound like such a tall order but it is such a huge step(in the right direction) for me.

Andela thrives on teamwork as I’m coming to realize and collaboration is not an option but a way of life. Hopefully I will get better at this and ask my way to success.