From 100 meters to 21 kilometers!

Realization of Runners High

My husband, Sandeep is a self trained marathoner. He would have injuries but still would not give up running. My attempts to talk him out were futile. What on earth made people run?

I had tried my hand at running. I could barely run a 100 meters. Every attempt left me panting and puffing. I would stop either to catch my breath or to nurse a hurt on my foot. I felt sure that running is not my cup of tea.

During one of my husband’s practice sessions, I unwittingly ran beside him and completed a 1000 meters ! Yes a kilometer!! What did I feel? Exhilarated!!! I felt extremely satisfied and on a high, I could not just understand. It surprised me. There was a smile on Sandeep’s face .

I was up early despite the aches and pains, I expressed my desire to run. It is Sunday. Exactly two months to the Marathon event. For the uninitiated, in order to participate in a marathon, one needs to put in 4–5 months of dedicated practice.

Seeing my eagerness, Sandeep asked me to meet him near Haji Ali at 7a.m. I did. The target is 3 kms! 2 full kilometers, more than my previous attempt. I was skeptical. Really!!!! Did Sandeep expect me to run it. He briefed me with some techniques & tricks he used himself and we were on our way. I did huff & puff, and had a catch on my calf muscle, half way through, but we continued with small breaks and pro tips from hubby. I did finish 3kms eventually.

Every week, new targets were set. I gradually accomplished them. I was jubilant. I had successfully done 17 kms. We were now a week from the marathon. Sandeep is confident of me completing 21 kms.

The D Day arrived, all geared up, I arrived at the start point, with mixed feelings. At the gun shot I took off. As I ran on, I could hear well wishers cheering and encouraging the participants. The tips Sandeep gave, the cheering crowd, the piping hot idli sambar awaiting us at the finish line but most importantly Sandeep’s belief in me ultimately saw me welcome the finish line with open arms.

Yes!!!! I did it…..100 meters to 21 kilometers! Ahhhh!!!! I now realized why people run. It’s that euphoria what we call the ”Runners High” that keep them motivated. That “smile” on my husband’s face now made so much sense.

Once a runner always a runner.