This record belonged…

Well you may not be able to read it, but this is what it’s all about. The donor of a large collection wrote, in meticulous detail, at the bottom of each LP back sleeve, a little about each record he owned, like, “ (THIS • RECORD • BELONGED • TO • SOMEONE • ELSE • AND • HAS • BEEN • PLAYED • BEFORE) (COLONY • RECORD • SHOP • NEW • YORK) -11–16–94” Written some 23 years ago, nearly to the day. Now he’s gone, Colony Records is gone, but after 32 years we’re still here. And his legacy (and all those little dots) lives on here at the ARC!

By the way all those caps + dots are written on the “Jazz Samba Encore!” LP by Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfa — just ONE of the many, many Brazilian LPs (not THIS copy, but one just like it, sans script) we’ll be selling at our Holiday Sale. Be human. Be nice. Don’t write on your records, but do drop by and support the ARC.

Originally published at The ARChive of Contemporary Music.