Building and Operating for Growth Metric

In a startup, having growth planted on one’s mindset is a key.

After you’ve hit product market fit, you focal point should be on growth. Growth mindset must be integrated into every aspect of your startup: product, sales, and marketing.

When you set up your mindset to nothing but growth, you will need to find metrics to define your progress. You need to shape a metric that everyone in the company must base their actions upon.

Everybody must be held accountable in lifting that metric up. Everybody’s performance must revolve around that metric.

You need to run your company based on this metric for a long time and having everything goes into orderly operation is a key.

For example, if your growth metric determinant is the number of the monthly active users:

  • How individuals in marketing department can help (i.e. content director, demand gen and etc).
  • How sales can contribute to this.
  • How engineering department can be of help.
  • How finance, HR and etc can be a contributing factor.

You should break it down by various roles in each department. A weekly meeting must be held too to make sure everybody’s performance is tied up to that metric.

Moreover, see to it that you take it under consideration for your HR/recruitment plan — in your job posting, interviews and such. For example — ask an individual in an interview: How will you help us achieve an ideal growth metric? On day one, ascertain that they understand about this metric and educate them as much as you can.

As you start on your early days, growth culture will be set. When the moment comes wherein you’ve hiked from 2 employees to 1000 employees, you sure have been working towards one specific goal — GROWTH.

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