Application design and cross-platform development

Creating new application, you have to ask yourself 4 important questions from “how to do it” series, which should be reviewed in details. Also, you should explain those point to the customer who wants to receive a unique app.

1. Why do you need to design an application?

App design helps different experts (manager, executive, designer, application developer) working on the project in equal conditions, clearly understand the problem and to present the final product.

Planning allows you to structure your ideas, prevent errors and avoid unnecessary work in the early stages of development. And this, in turn, will accelerate mobile application development and reduce financial expences.

2. How the mobile application writing process is build?

One of the favorite questions of our customers: how long it takes to develop a mobile application? We answer that a simple app for the web or mobile site can be created in a month.

However,a complex mobile application, which uses the maximum of particular operating system capacities, designed in the particular brand style, requires 60+ days.

3. How to plan the workflow?

During the work on the application you have to use many different tools, ranging from a clean sheet of paper and a pencil and slate to sophisticated software for programming.

Creating process of mobile applications we have to:

  • Formulate the concept;
  • Draw a mockup;
  • Add a design based on the requirements;
  • Test.

4. What are the features of cross-platform application development?

We develop mobile applications for the Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone.

From the personal experience we would like to note:

  • It is cheaper to create applications for devices running on Android, they occupy ¾ share of the world market. Also, the guideline in Google Play is not very strict.
  • It is prestigious to develop applications for iOS. The platform is always one step ahead, there are regular updates, enhancements, high quality requirements.
  • It is profitable for business to use both popular platforms. And in order to optimize the financial costs, be sure to order a cross-platform mobile application development.

Cross-platform mobile application development is the creation of a single application, successfully running on multiple platforms.

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