Lifehack from CEO

Our CEOs are very versatile

personalities and able not only to

work productive.

But also have a carefree rest.

For example, our co-founder

Dmitry Kresin shared with us a

summer lifehack about

convenient eating of watermelon:

1. Cut the watermelon it into two halves along (not across), because then the two halves is easy to intermeddle in the refrigerator

2. Eat watermelon with a spoon instead you cut it into slices


1. do not need utensils

2. do not need to throw away the crust, which will smell bad in trash

3. no need to wash the dishes — saving water and detergent

4. it is technically easier

Also, there is another option — watermelon juice:

1. Cut into 2 halves

2. pick out the pulp with a spoon and load it into a blender (along with pips)

3. blender it until it turns into juice

4. filter everything through a large sieve

5. throw away immediately all the pips and the two halves of crusts — forget about it right away

6. put the juice in the fridge and you can store it there for a week


1. do not have to spit the pips

2. you throw all watermelon garbage just 1 time

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Best regards,

Your Ardas Team