Why do you work at Ardas?

Considering this topic at first, we were going to post an interview with one member from Ardas team, but then we thought that one person is not the whole team and asked all people from Ardas to answer one simple question: ‘Why do you work at Ardas?’ We picked the best answers to share with you:

“I used to work at other company (it was in 2001) and there was one stupid rule — you have to be dressed according to the dress code from Mon till Fri. You were not allowed to wear shorts (just on weekends) and also you salary depended on “who are you friends with”… I’ve hated all silly stereotypes since childhood, which prevent to live, that’s why I had to create my own company, where nobody is after someone’s job, where people are judged on their actual merits, where there is no clearly defined class system — jackets and vehicles ‘relevant’ to your position and so on n.” Dmitry Kresin, Co-founder at Ardas Group Inc.

“​Every day brings something new. The work is never the same and doesn’t turn into routine. I like it a lot! It might sound banal, but I enjoy to work with the team gathered here, since some guys are really crazy here!”

“Dmitriy Kresin took my passport and doesn’t want to give it back for 8 years now. So what am I, as a the Republic of Belarus citizen, supposed to do?”

“I first heard about Ardas from my former colleague, who spoke very complimentary about the processes within the company, about how the development process is based, and later I heard similar information about life in the company from two other friends who are also members of Ardas, while they did not sell me the company, but simply gave a feedback and impressions. I thought that the company pays for the positive feedback at first, well, cuz it can’t be true that everyone is happy … So I decided to check on personal experience :)

P.S. When I personally met with the company’s CEO and saw the openness of this man and the philosophy to which he adheres, I was finally convinced that I wanted to be a part of this company”

“1. We always use the latest technologies, new frameworks, etc.

2. Well considered development process (I know from friends in other companies how it is based there and sure that it is much better in Ardas!)

3. Good climate among employees (of course there are some exceptions, there are people I do not even know their names :-D)

4. They give an opportunity to learn and apply something new”

“ It is great here. When I first came here — one of COO brought me a chair :) / stupid, you might say, but for me, as a girl, it’s nice, caring about people is felt even in small things.

The co-founders are an excellent example of productive, active life position, innovative and value the family.

No bureaucracy, no dress code. Offices are convenient, flexible schedule, trust and teamwork — there are all the conditions for professional growth. I got new friends :) And most importantly — there is interesting. Every day you get new tasks. Certainly, there is some space to grow, and the fact that I can help with this growth is encouraging. Yana, HR manager”

“I used to work in a company that sells garden tools and then in IT company engaged in software and I can say that Ardas has some small but tangible benefits.

The main thing is that at first I was given the opportunity to learn a little, then I was working in pairs with an experienced developer that gave me self-confidence. It is also positive that there are no hard set work schedule and it is very convenient to get work since it is not necessary to climb into a bus at rush hour.

If you want to develop professionally then there are all conditions for this, clear objectives broken down into simpler, people with whom you can consult when it is needed.

Also the office has a nice interior, a kitchen, shower, table tennis, horizontal bar. The rooms have air conditioning and heating. Ardas grows and develops itself every day.”

“I respect Ardas company for the wonderful conditions and the opportunities it provides to its employees. Namely:

- Caring about people and their needs;

- Confidence;

- The opportunity to grow professionally (Use of modern technologies in the development of software, paid conferences, trainings. The big plus was the paid trip to a conference abroad);

- The opportunity to work in your own schedule (it is nice to be able to go on training in the gym for a couple of hours in the working day);

- The lack of bureaucracy.”

As you can see, everyone finds their own advantages in the company. Personally I (content manager) am happy to write as much as I want about the topics that I am interested in, leave my own opinion on subjects and feel the full trust from my colleagues. It is hard to find the place like Ardas, and I am the lucky one.

We were completely open with you and would appreciate if you tell us about your the best working experience. Leave a comment.

Best regards,

Your Ardas Team


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