Come Home, Come Home, cause I’ve been waiting for you for so long….for so long… XI~ XIX ~MMXVI, A.D.

Our life is a great gift from God, because this life has given us, to have an opportunity to explore his creation and to have freedom and dignity as a person. every people that we encounter is also a gift from God, even they’re bad or good or causes us to be happy or to be sad.

we cannot deny the fact that this people has big contributions to us to be a brave person, God did not put this people even they are good or bad to suffer us but He gave it to us to learn something that we must learn and that thing we can use it in the future, so before our death we are prepared to face the majesty of God and go home to our home…. Home Sweet Home… in Heaven

Something has asked me. Q#1 “Are you afraid of growing Old.?

For me the fact of being growing old is normal because it is the part of our life, but for me I’am afraid to grow old, not because i would be look old or ugly, but i’am afraid to grow old because in that time i don’t know if my family are still their if my Brother, Sisters or parents are their when i get in that old age, if they are still alive.

I’am afraid to be alone, i am not afraid to grow old even as a young there are the opportunities and capacity as a young to do something that an old person can’t do. i am afraid that when i grow old my Parents is not there, sometimes i think that i want to be the first to die before my parents die also, or “sabay na lang kami hanggang kamatayan.”

I don’t want to approach that time, because i’am not ready to be alone.

#2 Question “Do you think loves transcends all the material things, ever physical beauty.”

For me material things cannot be higher to the faithfulness and love of a person. because love has no money value, but love endures forever,

We love a person because of his/her attitude his way of loving and taking care to us and we love him because we accept his whole story and who is he. we do not love a person if we love only him is because he has a money or he gives us material things its not love. we must show our love to other people by putting it into action and not basing in material things

“Why Dont you give love instead of material things, material things is not the measure of your love to other people but if how you putting it into action and feel them that you love them.”

Question #3 “What means someone worth loving? is it the looks? or is it to love.?

For me, it is not the looks to be measured about love, because looks is not forever but love never changed. all people are worth loving, we must love them properly, because loving them is respecting their dignity and trust to us Looks is temporarily only in this earth, it pass but love cannot be passed why?

even we die, love is still goes in, your love to each other will be passed by to other people.

“ So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.” ~ 1 John 4:16