Education (VII-XXVII-MMXVI, A.D.)

Education is important in our life because Education will help you to become more responsible and critical thinkers. Education is important because we can use it in our daily life and of course in finding a job for the future, but sometimes Education is very challenging especially in the major subject i experience challenge when a quarter ends because the teachers will give you a task.

I experience it every the quarter ends, i face a challenging task and i was so very tired but inspired because i do not want my grade in school to be failed. during this weeks i was very tired and busy because not only the assignments and projects that i must focused but in our family reunion, because my aunt was here and taking a vacation here in the Philippines.

I was tired but i take it positively and arranged my time management, my technique in doing my assignment and projects is, i create a time management and give an alloted time to each particular assignment.

And finish all the assignments given earlier before the deadline. example if my teacher gives an assignment and i think i can answer and finish it, i will finish it earlier if i have a free time.

and my secret weapon and finish all my assignments, and He who gives me strength to finish all these things is God and my Family, and if you are facing challenging things you must look it positively and it was happened to learn from it and used it for the future. “I Can Do all things, through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS ME” ~Philippians 4:13

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