Mathematics (Mental Abuse to Humans) (X — IX — MMXVI, A.D.)

Every person has a special gift from God, we cannot say that “Look at them they are so very good in…..@!#$%&*, and me i have nothing but only these. every one of us has a gift, a gift of in arts, a gift in math, a gift in english, a gift in sports, and etc. sometimes we loose our faith in God and ourselves too because of simple things that we not have.

Very stressful week!, a tons of assignments and projects are already given to us because our examination is near, our teachers has given us and inform us that we must need to comply all the activities we missed. the deadlines are very near and i have no time to be relax rather to comply the things that i have missed in every subject

One of my problem is in Math, i think i’m not gifted in math because i cannot understand it immediately after our teacher discussed it. although i know how to solve problems using math but i cannot bear it completely so i usually talked to my friend to teach me how to solve some equation in math that i do not understand completely. sometimes i think why i’am not good in math?, why my siblings and my classmates easily understand it? but me? i cannot easily understand it, i need to read more and study more in that particular topic so i may able to solve it, but sometimes i study our topics in math i scan my notes but i can’t understand , our teacher discussed it, it looks easy but if my turn to solve it i need more guide to solve it.

But anyway i thank to God all the gifts that i have, i thank even i have not kind of talents that others have, i understood that

“May mga bagay na mayroon ako, na wala ka”,

“May mga bagay na wala ako, na mayroon ka”,

“May mga bagay na wala ako, na wala ka rin”,

May mga bagay na wala tayo, na mayroon sila.”

All i need is to be thankful to God all the gifts that i have, all i need to do is to understand things and use my gifts and talents to serve God and my neighbors, and try my best to understand all the things that surrounds me. and i learned that grades/numbers cannot instruct me as a person although i need to have high grades, rather to put my learnings in my daily life and share it to other person.

I think that i’m lucky to know how to solve some math problems than other people that they can’t and i understand that God has put me on this situation so i may learn how to solve and bear problems and things in my surroundings and it put me in realization that i must focus more to God and to serve my neighbors by helping them and to accomplish all the things that they put and trusted on me.