How to use Arena Esport as a LoL or OW team

Arena Esport is a new way to find a team for solo players, but also an optimized recruitment and management tool for teams.

This is the way to register your team on Arena Esport, and make full use of its features.

Enter the team members and add them as a friends

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Players can register separately via They must then add each other as friends by searching for their ingame names in the associated menu
Add your teammates as a friends from the menu bar of the site

2. You can use your referal link available on your dashboard: https://arena- Players using this link will automatically be added to your friends list.

Create the team

It is possible to create a new team from your dashboard:

By clicking on the +, you can create your team and choose its name

Invite players to the team

Once on your team page, you can simply invite the players to the various positions available:

Starting from three players in the team, we offer you to find the missing players for free.

And if a player were to leave the team, we will also offer to replace him.

Using Arena Esport Team Features

Several tools are available on your team page.

  1. A schedule: The first tool visible at the top of the page is a schedule where each player can indicate when he can play. Thus, everyone can have a clear vision of the training slots of the team.
  2. A team chat: a dynamic chat visible to the whole team is available, to facilitate your organization.
  3. A “strategy” tab: You can list your team composition ideas, or leave notes and remarks on your points to work on.
  4. A “mentoring” tab: Do you feel you are stagnating? Do not hesitate to call for help a mentor, who will bring you outside vision and valuable advice.
  5. A timeline, where you can enter your appointments, scrims, and tournaments.

You have a question ? A suggestion? Please Don’t hesitate to send them to us, we will do our best to help you!

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