All I Do Is Write

Arestia Rosenberg
Jan 6, 2017 · 2 min read
Image courtesy of Sergey Zolkin via Unsplash

I write book proposals and articles. Sometimes I ghost write books and articles. I write coverage for scripts. I write ebooks and blog posts and content calendars and scripts and decks. You need content? I can write that.

I am working on a script. A real feature film. I can’t believe it. I work on it every day before my paid writing. I have to. I really want to finish it and get my friends to read it at a table reading and feel like I actually did a big project for myself this year. I’ve had this script idea for years. I felt something inside me that said I had no other option but to write this script right now.

I write emails. How is that project coming? Checking in to see if you need anything? Here are my recommendations for your Buenos Aires trip. My darling friend, I miss you, how are you?

I write Medium posts. Hey, hi, that’s happening right now.

I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia right now. It’s a good place to write. There’s not much to distract you.

Ok, so sometimes I read, too. I read those scripts, and I edit other people’s proposals and blog posts and articles, too. I read your work, too. Yeah, you. You might be a writer, too. I read Medium and the articles that interest me in about the 10 newsletters I subscribe to that curate articles.

Even though I currently make a living as a writer, I have a hard time calling myself that. Why? I have no idea. Between the job, the script the constant emails and the NEED to write…well, that makes me a writer, right? I’ve been a professional for over 10 years. It shouldn’t be hard. I think because I’m not a tortured writer or an obsessive writer. I just sit down and…write.

I used to be a filmmaker. I still say I am, but I haven’t done that in a year. I really really miss that. I do storyslams, too — still. Those make me happy.

So, I say I am a storyteller. I believe that. It’s not about writing. It’s about crafting, expressing, shaping, realizing. It’s the storytelling that I love, not the writing.

I’m going to stop writing this now.

Arestia Rosenberg

Written by

Storyteller, adventurer, connector. Freelance writer/strategist and filmmaker. Recovering digital nomad.

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