Fly from South Africa to Hong Kong return for R27600 and get a free MacBook Pro
Saul Kropman

Or, if you really don’t want to spend 24 hours in a cramped aircraft (and are willing to forego the absolute best dim sum in the world at 1 Dim Sum, you could use Aramex Global shopper. You’ll need to pay some VAT, but there are savings nonetheless.

Macbook Pro — R18,556.00

AGS subscription (once off, and if you look around you may find a voucher) — R585.00

Estimated shipping costs (Based on a 4kg Package) — R888.00

Estimated VAT and clearing costs: — R3400.00

Total cost — R23,429.00

Saving — R3,070.00 or 11%.

You can buy quite a lot of mediocre dim sum with three grand.

(You can find AGS here: Tweet them at @AGSAfrica to see if they’ll hook you up with a free or discounted account. There’re no affiliate links, so I don’t get anything for my advice, more’s the pity)

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