The When Project

She said she could, AND SHE DID.

The conversation about women right now revolves a lot around sexual harassment. But right after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton for president, a lot of people were obsessed with the idea of how things would be different if a woman was our leader.

Katie Henry, Ashley Glass, Danielle Wasserman and Stephanie De Jesus say it’s not about “if,” it’s “when.”

In fact, 12 days after the election, these women started something called “The When Project” which is a Female Empowerment group, traveling around New York City, from The Bronx Zoo, to The Empire State Building asking girls in their teens and childhood what they will do when they become President, not if they become President.

“When I become President I will change the standard. People say to girls, ‘If you look pretty’ or ‘If you wear a nice outfit’ you’re worth more than if you are smart. I want to tell girls, “You are perfect, even if you don’t look ‘perfect’ ” said a girl named Anna in Washington Square Park one month after the election of President Donald J. Trump.

The When Project was born in the wake of The November Eighth Election, when Katie, Ashley, Danielle and Stephanie decided that they felt like they needed to do something about it; to make a difference. They said the election results felt similar to the news of 9/11/2001.

So, on December 5, 2016, they asked their first little girl they met what she would do when she became President, at The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. Jessica told The When Project that when she became President, she would prevent animal cruelty in all ways possible. Katie and Ashley did find Hillary very inspiring, and “ it is the ultimate goal to have a female leader.”

Although 30% of submissions and quotes are from out-of-state, The When Project lives in New York City. With submissions from many girls, they go around New York City, looking for little girls, no matter if they are pretty and wear a dress and makeup, or a girl who wears a sport jerseys or sweats, or a totally “girly” outfit, like a dress and heels.

You may think that searching for girls in a city of 8.538 Million people (as of December 9, 2017 6:30 PM EST.) Well, you’re wrong to think that. More than half of New York City is female, and that’s exactly what The When Project does.

The When Project crew is very willing to visit schools, and other public areas to ask little girls what they will do when they become POTUS.

They will even ask boys about women in their lives who should become president, and why they think so.

Although they get the occasional, “my daughter won’t become president” flapdoodle, but mostly parents are okay, as are the daughters, happy, excited and unknown to what chauvinism may lie ahead of them. The chauvinism, much to Katie, Ashley, Danielle and Stephanie, and many of our delight and euphoria, the discrimination is being fought, but continues to rage on, but all New Yorkers are happy to have them fighting for us, for women to have the same rights, wages, privileges, jobs and equality that men have.