First day of my new journey

Although I have posted some responses in Medium before, I have never had the guts to start a story from scratch. However, I think that the occasion is worth it.

Today I have quitted my 2-and-a-half-years job in the marketing department of an international company to move to another country and start an internship at the user experience research center of KU Leuven. Some of you might think I am crazy, and maybe you are right. Yet, I feel the happiest I have felt for a long time, because I will finally have the chance to gain experience and knowledge in the fields that I have been interested in the last 3 years. Not only is the experience I will gain from collaborating in amazing projects, but the insights I will get from being part of such an incredible team.

I must admit it though. I am scared. I have never been that much far from my comfort zone. In other words, I will leave my family, my friends, my home and my job behind for an internship in UX in a foreign country where they speak in a language I don’t even know yet. But leaving my comfort zone is just another reason to do this. To be honest, I must admit I am not keen to take much risks and I kind of look for security and stability in my life. So, starting such an uncertain experience will definetely make me grow in such ways I can’t even imagine or measure right now.

Random shop window in Leuven city center.
We believed we could. So we did.

That has been my motto lately. I came across it during my visit to Leuven and it has really helped me to find the courage in me to take all these (what now seem to be) life-changing decisions.

Maybe some of you think of UX as a synonym to appealing graphic web design. For me, UX is something more. It is about understanding the users as well as the organisation. It is about designing a strategy that leads to a Win-Win situation. It is about testing, about observing, about thinking. It is indeed about design, understanding design in its greater and whole meaning. It can be applied to products (both digital and physical), to services, to processes and to experiences.

Hopefully, in some months from now, I will be able to share some of the learnings I gain along the way, as well as my life in Belgium. So, I will try to keep you posted.

PS. If you have come all the way down until here, I owe you a big THANKS for your attention. If you’d like to share with me your own experiences or just leave some advice for all the changes that are about to come, please, just go ahead and hit the comments area (it will be highly appreciated!)

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