[Updated] Here’s How to Buy Ether with USD (Even If You Live In New York)
Chris Remus


Thank you very much for the guide! I’ll make sure to use it:)

unfortunately I used Coinbase to buy ether ( before I read this guide) and I wouldn’t recommend it!

I bought ether directly with USD. However, a day after I received email saying that my “USD wallet has been disabled”, while the money is already taken from my bank.

it’s been more than a week since I purchased and it’s still shows as “pending” transaction.

I tried to email and contact them. The only way to contact them is via email. It’s been a week already and no answer yet!

Since there is no information available, and customer support is TERRIBLE, Maybe you would know:

A)how long does it take to complete the transaction?

B)If I’m from NYC and they disabled my usd Wallet, does. that mean I cannot use Coinbase to buy ether ?

D)Do you know if. are there any other ways to buy ether without using Coinbase?

Once again! Thank you for the guide and for your help!

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