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  • Natalie Patrice Tucker

    Natalie Patrice Tucker

    Accessibility Evangelist

  • Charles Hall

    Charles Hall

    Helping humans help humans through accessible technology. Chief Accessibility Officer, Access Today.

  • Bran the Humble

    Bran the Humble

  • Paramendra Bhagat

    Paramendra Bhagat

    Tech Entrepreneur/Consultant (Augmented Reality Mobile Game, FinTech/Microfinance, Software, Clean Energy/Hydro), Digital Activist, New Yorker.

  • Jonathan Hassell

    Jonathan Hassell

    Award-winning digital inclusion thought-leader, #accessibility consultant & speaker. Author of Including your missing 20% & #BS8878. Innovation Product Manager.

  • Jessica Brown

    Jessica Brown

    Head of Design @Clutter, formerly @VICE and @RenttheRunway. Find me @thejessbee or thejessicabrown.com

  • Duc Trinh

    Duc Trinh

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