Being truly democratic is something I hope we can achieve in my lifetime. To me, it means that every person has an equivalent vote no matter their socioeconomics and that it doesn’t apply to entities like corporations. But the reality is people are fighting against democracy in different degrees because of the fear of loss of their wealth, power and status.

For the majority of my life, I didn’t care about politics because I didn’t feel my small voice or vote wouldn’t have any sort of impact. This still holds true to a significant percentage of American’s who don’t engage, as it requires effort to understand how the “democratic” systems work, how these systems are flawed, and what we can do to change them for the better. …

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I remember not long ago — the 90s to be exact — when the internet felt so much safer and having an online private life was a lot easier. That sense of security vanished when I learned of companies using my data for profit, banking on outdated laws to find loopholes.

Today, the wheels are starting to get kicked on a lot of services/platforms like Facebook and Twitter that used loopholes in laws such as the (CDA), set up in the early days of the internet. This law allows these companies to dodge accountability for content published through their networks while assuring they can still harvest all of this content for sale. …


Aria Live

Accessibility to the MAX! Curated by @RodrigoSanchez / www.FlightStudio1.com

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