Narrative Entry 1 :Vacation to Heaven

Ariana Perez

Eng 101_ NA

Losing a close friend is never easy it’s something that you just never get used to. I know passing away is a part of life, and it will happen to everyone at some point. But having a close friend since 9th grade that was murdered at the age of 18 just doesn’t happen every day. It was our senior year of high school, it was October 13th, 2010 just a few days before my birthday. The weather wasn’t too cold or to warm, it was the perfect fall weather. The trees had orange and red leaves that filled the sidewalks and there was a cool breeze. There was also some houses that had their Halloween decorations up. The last time I seen David was after school, I was with my close friend at the time Jennifer. My car battery had died since I can never remember to turn my lights off, I seen him walking towards me and say, “Looks like you need a jump” & those were the last words David said to me before he took his vacation to heaven

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