How One Person Changed My Entire Life For The Better!!!!

These type of things tend to make me emotional as hell…but I think it’s about time to show the world why I do what I do. And for me being a girl that has been bullied since Kindergarten, but it getting worse starting in second grade. Starting in junior high, I started following a band called Hollywood Ending. I would let Hollywood Ending’s music help me cope with all of the bullying, their music was my only escape from all of the issues I had. On January 28, 2012, I got to see Hollywood Ending perform in concert with another two of my favorite bands, AllStar Weekend and Before You Exit. I was waiting in line, waiting to go inside the venue and the next thing you know, Tyler Wilson from Hollywood Ending walks out of the venue telling a security guard “I don’t need a bodyguard to come with to me to go get a sandwich.”. LOL! That was one of the funniest moments that I’ve had with Tyler. The next thing you know, I’m getting VIP Meet and Greet tickets to every concert that Hollywood Ending had, starting with the one on November 16, 2013. Once they announced that they would be performing at a huge event called Winter Lights 2, put together by a company called KLIK Events, I bought my VIP tickets right away. Winter Lights 2 fell on December 14, 2014, but I remember as soon as I posted that I got VIP tickets to the event, a guy named Alex Sanchez followed me and tweeted at me. It was months prior to the event, when I first saw his tweet to me, the first thing that came to mind was “Oh my god, no…not another fuck boy!?!?!?!?”. But it was all because the way he tweeted at me, he was like “Sweet, we’re gonna get turnt at the event.”, OMFG! I had so much fun at that event, seeing Alex being a special guest for it. I didn’t know that Hollywood Ending would honestly break me out of my shell to be more outgoing and more talkative. All thanks to them, I gave Alex a chance and became close friends with him. I feel like within the four years that Hollywood Ending has been a band…I technically grew up with them, the Ender family has all matured together with the band. Even though I didn’t get to take a picture with him the first time we met, I had so much fun hanging out with Alex at Winter Lights 2, I ended up buying more VIP Meet and Greet tickets to other events where he was one of the special guests at. The second event that I went to where Alex was a guest, I convinced my friend, Amber Gutierrez to buy VIP tickets as well. She had made her account on EventBrite and downloaded the KLIK Events app, she borrowed her mom’s debit card to buy the tickets. She constantly kept on checking her email for the tickets and she never got them, she had then emailed either EventBrite or KLIK Events about that issue. They unfortunately never gave her the tickets that she had paid for, her mom had to contact the bank to file the claim to get her money back because she had bought $200 worth of VIP Meet and Greet tickets. I wanted her to go to that event so she could meet Cody Saintgnue from Teen Wolf and so she can meet Alex. Even though Amber couldn’t go, I still had so much fun at Spring Freaks. Thank you Cody for telling everyone to move out of the way so I could get closer to the stage, thank you Cody for kissing my hand and calling me and my drawing for him beautiful. My friend stood right behind me when that happened, she saw that I was about to faint. But thanks to him doing that, I was closer to the stage than I originally was, and I got to get a selfie with Alex while he was on the stage. I remember that I just continued following Alex on Twitter and Instagram, he told us to watch him live on YouNow. That’s when I first created my account, I created it just to watch him, until the day that he was broadcasting with his friend, Nicholas Aiden. That day was the day that Nick added me to his Skype, it felt really awkward because I honestly didn’t know who he was at the time. Even weirder, about three or for more people walked into the room as if they had a key or something. They were walking in screaming all excitedly and loudly, it made me feel really uncomfortable, but I got used to it and started talking to them as soon as they introduced themselves. Before they told me that they had to get off of Skype and YouNow, they told me to buy tickets to the concert event, Summer Solstice, put together by an anti-bullying organization called Starbelshe. As soon as they said that Alex was gonna be one of the special guests, I bought my Gold Package(VIP Meet and Greet ticket) right away. My friend, Amber and I started messaging our friend, John Hurtado on Twitter about a week after the day that he walked in during my Skype call with Alex. Amber and I met John for the first time by planning it with him over Twitter before Starbelshe Summer Solstice. I had a great time bowling with them, we had a lane for about 4 hours. When it was the day of Starbelshe Summer Solstice, I was mostly looking around for Alex while I was hanging out with Amber. Once I finally got to introduce them to each other in person, I kept on mentioning to Amber that Alex was the guy I tend to talk about when I was in history class. I had then bought tickets to the Meet & Greet the night before the AMA’s, then Giselle Henriquez upgraded mine and my dad’s tickets to gold wristbands to stay for the after party after the Meet &Greet, which was the AMA’s Pre-Party/Koowalla app launch. And as always, I was looking everywhere for Alex. I thought I had a crush on John at first, but months after my friends said that I look at my happiest with Alex and after they stated the facts of how John is like Alex. I have finally realized that I really liked Alex. Alex has always been my ray of sunshine, it makes me smile everytime someone mentions his name, everytime he DM’s me on Twitter, everytime he goes live on YouNow or Live.Me, everytime I talked to him on Skype or Oovoo, everytime I saw him at a concert as a special guest, everytime I saw him at a fan meetup, and that one time that he came down to the Puente Hills Mall to watch Jurassic World with John, Amber, and I. Yes…he may have sister zoned me, but…I believe that means we’re closer than any of his other supporters. I’m not just a supporter/fan, I’m not just a friend, I’m his little sister. And I have officially accepted the fact that I have been family zoned by him. I love him to the moon and back! He has always been there for me and I will always be there to support him in whatever he chooses to do. He has wished me a happy birthday multiple times, he congratulated me for my high school graduation, he messages me to make sure that I am happy, and when I’m sad…he tries his best to cheer me up and pull me out of my sadness. When I felt suicidal, him and John pretty much talked me out of it, Alex is one of the main reasons why I’m still here…along with the help of Starbelshe and Stand For The Silent. I know I may never get with Alex, but…I would honestly rather be sister zoned and be happy than be in a relationship with him and get heartbroken. I’ve let go of so many friends from my past, but I don’t ever want to let go of Alex. He is my big brother and I never wanna lose him!