Life Is A Roller coaster!

Everyone has their ups and their downs. So far, this past Sunday & Monday…they were both downs. My best friends that I call my brothers and my sisters are my ups, meanwhile school, bullies, and arguments are my downs. Today I came home from school to lock myself in my room, to cry, and pulled out a pair of scissors wanting to give up my life. Just because I let my jealousy get the best of me and I ruined my best friends’ days, I was told not to talk to them. I imagined my life without my brothers and sisters, it would be such a horrible life to live, it would be just downs, no ups at all. It all started because one of my sisters started drama online, then everyone went with it. Instead of starting a huge problem for everyone, just try to talk it out instead please…I can’t handle dealing with any of this anymore. Please no more rumors, no more drama, no more aruments! Can we all just have a fresh new start? Just forget the downs and make so many memories with ups!