My Life Is Saved!

So…in my previous story, “My Messed Up Laptop, My Messed Up Life!” I started talking about my laptop being broken, being messed up, that I couldn’t use the internet on there. That my wifi would say it’s connected, but when I opened up Google Chrome, it said “This page cannot be opened because you are not connected to the internet”, well…after I showed the guy in my English class the problem, he knew how to fix it. But, he had to take my laptop home with him, my friends and my dad didn’t really trust him at first, they all thought that he was going to keep it for himself. But I trusted him, I was right to trust him, he fixed my laptop on Thursday & brought it back to me on Friday. My laptop can now connect to the internet, I thanked him, asked him if I owed him anything, he said no, I asked “Are you sure?”, he said “Ya…i’m sure!”, I then asked “How about I bake you something?”. He then said “How about the s’mores pie we saw on Pinterest the other day? That looked good!”, I then said “Also, pick something else just in case if I can’t make that!”. He then asked “How about your special cake pops that you told me about?”, I then said “Cake pop? Sure, those are easy to make! I’ll bring you your goodies on Monday!”. I then went to the store to buy all the ingredients on Saturday, then made the pie on Sunday, brought the pie to school this morning, gave it to him before class started. He got all excited, I pretty much his day right there by giving him a free s’mores pie made from scratch. I’m excited to his reaction to how the pie tastes, let’s hope he tries it today, & that he likes it! Because I had my mom be the taste tester yesterday to try the chocolate ganache, she loved it…so i’m hoping that he will too.

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