The Friendship That Ended!!!!

*Before you read this story, know that you can’t report me or sue me just for talking about this person, I have the right to talk about whatever I want, it’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!*

Sometime in the beginning of this school year, I got into an argument with this girl that used to be my best friend, her name was Evelyn Torrico. I thought she was my best friend throughout all four years of high school. I had texted her a link to a YouTube link to a video I made showing all the fun memories all of our friends had together. She said “Cool, I check it out.”. I then told her “Tell me the truth, I have been seeing that all of you guys have been hanging out without me, with Selene. I honestly feel left out because of that, why haven’t you guys been inviting me?”. She said “To be honest, you are not my friend anymore, that being said I shouldn’t have to invite you.”. I didn’t know what was going on? I was so confused on why she was telling me that. I asked her why, she said “You’re not a good friend at all, you always say that you’re the victim…but you were really the bully! All you ever do is talk about yourself, you always complained that there was too much drama in the group…but what you don’t realize is that you were the one that brought in all of the drama! You always came up to us with your personal problems, you never wanted to listen to our problems! And I’m just done with you!”. I ended up texting my REAL BEST FRIEND, my sister, Amanda Harrell to see if she could back me up on any of this because she was always there when I had problems with Evelyn. Amanda then called me, I then added Evelyn to the call to see what other bullshit things she would come up with to say to me. I’m assuming that Amanda muted herself so Evelyn wouldn’t know that she was listening on the other line. I then mentioned that Amanda was on the other line, Evelyn then passes the phone to her sister, Silvita Torrico. Silvita then said “You can never go once without standing up for yourself by yourself! You always had to bring the counselors in whenever you and Evelyn had a problem! Will this ever end? Will you ever change? Because you were the one that ruined Evelyn’s high school experience for her! You thought this whole entire time you were still best friends with Evelyn, she told me that she didn’t feel you were her best friend starting in junior year. Unless you believe that you have changed, which I don’t think you have…your friendship with her is NO MORE!!!!”. Which I believe that she was able to say whatever she wanted about me, it’s called Freedom of Speech for a reason. But…then she brought up my family, which I felt like it was very unnecessary because they have done nothing wrong. Silvita said “Did your parents not raise you right? Because you don’t realize what you do wrong!”. It’s like first of all…nobody’s perfect!!!! Second of all…you don’t bring up my family for unnecessary reasons and get away with it. Third of all…Evelyn has been having me lie to her parents for her when they were getting a suspicion that she and our friend, Jack were dating. Fourth of all…Evelyn just got jealous all the time when I hung out with my friends, John Hurtado and Amber Gutierrez and didn’t invite her. I didn’t invite her because I didn’t want her tagging him on anything, I didn’t want him getting in trouble for hanging out with us instead of going to meetings with our friend, Giselle Henriquez. I was trying to protect him pretty much, so she had no reason to get mad at me for that, I always told her that this is why I couldn’t invite her. After I dropped Evelyn from the call, I still continued talking to Amanda. In her own words “Why would they complain about you having me or the counselor in your businesses when Evelyn just had her sister get in your guys’ business? And she had no reason to bring up your parents, you’re parents are amazingly sweet and caring…I love your family!”. Thank you Amanda for backing me up and always being there for me and for being weird with me, love you sis!

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