The Secret Math Nerd

Out of all the years that I’ve had math class, second to eighth grade were the hardest for me. The teachers I had didn’t help me at all, they never actually taught us the lessons. I was always being yelled at by the teachers for never finishing my homework, wtf do they even expect? They didn’t teach us shit, it shouldn’t be my fault for not understanding the lesson, it shouldn’t be my fault for not doing my homework back then. But…eversince I hit high school, they actually started teaching me here. Freshmn year was kinda easy, but also kinda difficult at the same time, I had a solid C by the end of that year. In sophomore year, math got a bit more easier, my grade kept on switching between B’s and C’s. Junior year, I had an A in all of my first semester, then kept on switching between an A and a C . This year is my senior year, all of my first semester, I had an A-, beginning of second semester I had an A+, now I’m at a B+. It really disappoints me, all my first semester I had an A-, I was hoping to keep that grade. The last math test, 3 totally different chapters in 1 test, I failed that test. The teacher swore that it was going to be an easy test, I say “Easy test my butt!”. Let’s hope I pass the next 1, I can’t handle having a B in math, for me…having an A in math is A MUST!!!!

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