Visiting My Teacher From Elementary/Middle School?

I had just saw that my old school posted that their 8th graders had just recently graduated, so I commented saying “I remember graduating from there in 2012, I just graduated from high school this past month.” They have respond to me saying “Congrats Ariana.” I asked “Is Mrs. Rodriguez still working there? Right before I graduated the eighth grade, she talked to me after class. After that conversation with her, she has been my inspiration to work hard in high school.” Looking back at the past, I have known her since the second grade when she was one of my teachers. She was always there for me when I’m having issues with a bully at school or when I’m dealing with personal/family issues at home. Or when I wanted someone to rant to about my sixth to eighth grade teacher, I could talk to her, she and I would have a great laugh making fun of that one teacher and she promises to keep it a secret. Or even that one time when my dad and I got into a car accident on our way to take me to school, after dropping off my sister at the high school she went to. I texted her, she then called me right away to make sure than I was okay. Yes we know that it’s technically considered bad when a teacher shares numbers with a student, but…this number was usually for professional business only. She was my ASB advisor in the eighth grade, she would usually send us messages or call us to remind us about what we signed up to bring for the bake sales or to remind us which class period we would be missing to do the face paintings. I think my favorite thing to do was work at the Car Show with the rest of the ASB students, we got to do face paintings not only for the students but also for everyone else that went to the Car Show that wanted one. So…going back to not too long ago before I graduated Senior year, the ASB students at my high school came into my English class to tell us Seniors to pick a teacher that made an impact in all of our years of school that we would like to see at Teacher Honor Guard the day of graduation. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make it, either that or my school couldn’t reach out to her. Which is quite understandable if she wasn’t able to make it because my old school responded to my question with “Yes, Mrs. Rodriguez still works here, she is our Director of Student Services and our ASB advisor. We think she would love if you would come visit her. Our last day of school is this Wednesday, so come visit!” I asked my brother’s girlfriend very kindly right away if she can take me and she said yes, so…I’ll be going to my old school to visit Mrs. Rodriguez. I’m very excited but also very nervous, what if she forgot all about me? We won’t know until we get there, wish us luck!

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