When Meet & Greets Don’t Go As Planned!

I went to a free concert at Downtown Disney on Sunday, July 17, 2016 to support one of my favorite bands, Forever In Your Mind. I have been there since around 11AM, right after the boys had just finished doing their soundcheck. Once they came to the side of the stage for their stuff, I got to talk to Emery Kelly. Not only did he remember from the Autism Speaks walk in 2015, I also got to introduce my sister-in-law’s little sister to him. The boys had to go to their hotel room afterwards, but…once they came back for the actual concert, they got to perform and do a small Q&A. After the Q&A, they did a Meet & Greet. The security told my friends & I that were were not in the correct spot for the line so they told us to move. Unfortunately, we were all in the back of the line and the security cut my friends out & let my sister-in-law’s little sister & I stay in line. But…after waiting such a long time, the security cuts us both off as well. So my friends & I went up to Liam Attridge’s girlfriend, Brookelynn Elizabeth to tell her about how we were the first ones there and it was unfair that we were at the end of the line getting cut off for the Meet & Greet by the security. She had then told us to talk to Forever In Your Mind’s manager about the issue, the manager told us to meet up with them at their hotel because the boys were planning on going to change then head over to the Disneyland California Adventure park. My friends & I were technically waiting in the wrong tower for nothing, my friends & my sister-in-law’s little sister didn’t get to see them after they saw their SnapChat story that they were inside California Adventure already. Once my friends told me that they were already there, I ran out of the hotel & ran straight to the park, not watching where I’m going, running into people because I’m busy trying to pull up my pass on the Disneyland app on my phone. I didn’t find them until my dad had just met up with me in line for Monsters Inc, I saw Emery’s Snap that they were in Cars Land. I ran out of line and ran over towards the exit of Radiator Springs Racers, because when famous people usually have the plaids with them and they are in Cars Lands, they usually are going to that ride. I would say that I waited at the exit for about no more than 15 minutes, once I saw them with the plaid I started fangirling quite a bit in front of my dad. He told me “Don’t just stand here! Run to them before it’s too late!”, so I ran to Emery & asked both, him & Ricky for an autograph & a picture. The plaid was quite rude, she was like “Hurry up boys! This better be the last fan you do this for!”. It’s like wow! WTF? That’s beyond rude! But…after I got my autograph & picture, I went home. On Saturday, July 30, 2016, I went to another Forever In Your Mind concert at The Roxy Theater in LA. Once my dad & I got inside, my dad said to me “There’s a lot of kids crowding over there around that girl, go see who she is!”. I said “Dad, that’s Brookelynn, the girl I made the Minnie ears for. And she also helped me pick out which Tsum Tsums to get for the boys.”. My dad felt so dumb after that, you have to admit, it was quite hilarious. I mean, why else would I be walking over to her holding the Minnie ears in my hand? LOL! I then gave the ears to her, I showed her the box with the Tsum Tsums for the boys, & she told me “There’s going to be a Meet & Greet after the show if you want to give the box to the boys yourself.” I asked her “What if they cut me off like at Downtown Disney?”, she told me “Don’t worry, I can actually help you this time, just look for me after the concert!”. After the concert ended, the boys came out to the VIP area, the security kept on telling us fans to leave if we didn’t have a purple wristband. Brookelynn tried her best to help me stay so I can give the boys the box of Tsum Tsums myself, but…the security just told me to give her the box so she could give it to them for me. It’s like…WTF? The security told me at least 4 times to leave since I didn’t have the purple wristband. The boys came out of the venue to take pictures with their fans after my dad & I left, which made me sad. I wanted to stay outside for that reason after the security kicked us out, but I didn’t want to tell my dad anything because I didn’t want him complaining that we’re waiting too long. My dad & I went to eat dinner before we went home, the whole entire time I was eating my food slowly wanting to cry because I wanted to see the boys, I wanted to talk to them again & get more pictures with them. I wanted to see their reactions of them opening the box of the Tsum Tsums. Once I got home, I DMed Brookelynn to thank her for everything that she has done, she apologized for the inconvenience that happened, & said “But I have Liam here with me.”. I got quite confused at first thinking, why is she mentioning that she is there with Liam? Then she sent me a video of Liam thanking me for the Tsum Tsums. And that seriously made my night so much better, I cried tears of joy. Nobody saw how happy I was to see that video, I literally cried. I seriously love how nice she is, she is the best girlfriend that I have ever met that is dating a member from a boy band. I have met so many of them, not a single one were as nice as her! OMG! I’m seriously shaking just talking about the video she sent me. Thank you so much Brookelynn for everything!!!!!

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