Netflix Original Series: 13 Reasons Why

Season 1

Aired March 2017: 13 Reason’s Why Official Trailer: NOT MY VIDEO

This Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why, had young adults binge watching all 13 episodes, but it also had a lot of controversy. The series was about a girl who commits suicide, but before her death she leaves 13 tapes to the people she blames for the cause of her death. The show is extremely graphic and covers a number of problems faced by today’s high school student. Such as bullying, lack of family interaction and support, loneliness, sexual harassment etc.

The show also highlighted the perspectives of the people around them, because none of them knew what she was dealing with and they didn’t know they needed to reach out. All throughout the episodes she explains how she tried to reach out to make friends and trust others and they all back fired. Even the guy she like turned on her, but in his defense he was blind to the whole situation. What made it even more authentic was that the things she was blaming others for seemed like very minute reasons to want to kill yourself.

The population of people who previously or currently had relations with self-harm found the show unbearable to watch. Which is understandable, the show gave insight to the perspective of a suicidal person. Being in the mind of someone with a mental illness can be nerve racking, because their emotions and reactions are subject to change at any moment. In my honest opinion, the show was very effective. It just went to prove that you don’t know how your words can affect a person. People can look happy on the outside and be dying on the inside.