Week 1 - The beginning of my journey of learning how to program

Let me introduce myself first. 
Hi, my name is Ariel Silva and I’m 24 years old. I’m from Brazil. More specifically from São Gonçalo, which is a city in Rio de Janeiro. I guess that’s it.

What am I doing here?
My objective here is to write every week (in English and in Portuguese) about what I have learned and what I have found hard to figure out as a beginner. I hope that all my doubts and experiences may help you to get through the beginner fase. Just like I’m beginning to learn from scratch, there will be others that are going to begin this journey as well and I want to make their path a little bit easier.

Where am I learning? 
I began to learn how to program last week at Free Code Camp. I’ve played a little with Python before, but I didn’t go much far. But now I’m committed to learn how to program and I’m going to use FCC as my main learning platform, because its curriculum attracted me.
Since I’m using FCC you’ve probably noticed I’m focusing on web development, however I don’t know yet if I want to work as a Back End Developer or a Front End. I find both interesting.

What I’ve learned this week.
I’ll begin with the obvious: if you find yourself stuck at some problem, don’t worry, somebody else had the same problem before you. At the FCC we learn about the Read-Search-Ask methodology.
1 - Read what the console is telling you about the error.
2 - Search for the solution on Google (use Google Operators).
3 - Ask it If you didnt find anything too helpful.

You can ask at Stack Overflow, at FCC chat or a friend. But it’s important that you have to try to solve the problem by yourself first. We programmers have to learn how to learn efficiently.

It’s good that I accepted that fact, because when I reached the first FCC project I found myself looking up for a lot of things on the internet.
The project’s name is “Build a Tribute Page”. All I had to do was to copy the page they showed me. That’s it. But when I started to code all of sudden I forgot every Bootstrap class I have learned! It was frustrating. I thought I had memorized every class I was introduced to, but I was really wrong.
So I started to Google every class I thought I would need and started to code. My thoughts were like: I’ll create a div to centralize the page. But I don’t want all the page centralized. So I’ll create another div. But I want to use a different col class at the list. Create another div for it then.

After all these div classes the code was a mess! After that I realized that it is really hard to organize the code and keep it clean.

My tribute page. It’s ugly, but it was really fun to do it. I have a long way to go.

These were the lessons I learned last week. I’ll try to be as attentive as possible to what I’m doing and learning. I really want these (future) posts to be helpful to us!
By the way, if you find any mistake, whether in my writing (there’s probably many), or in what I thought I understood, please tell me.

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