Why I Take The Weekends Off

So, while I initially came to Medium with the intention of posting something every single day…I can’t. I can not promise that in good faith right now.

I need my weekends.

The weekend is a time for me to unwind and get away from technology. The weekend is a time for me to reconnect with my family and loved ones. The weekend is my time for writer groups and conferences and trying out that new restaurant and so many other things that excite me and keep the world from becoming monotonous. If I get on Medium, I want it to be to outreach to others and comment instead of create.

So I do not post on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays as a rule. I’m aware I could use the Medium scheduler and set content up to go on without me, but honestly?

Nothing I write is more important than taking some time for yourself. I feel like if I so highly value my time to reconnect with myself but encourage others to keep an eye out for a post, well, that would be hella hypocritical.

So even if I ping up a bonus post one Sunday, don’t worry. It won’t go anywhere, and I’ll be back Monday.

See you then.

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