Role for Design and Responsibility as Designer

I have to consider about my role for design and my responsibility as designer

The disciplines of art and design in their broadest senses are central to much of our economic and cultural lives, as outcomes from these disciplines affect the time and space in which we live.

My initial research through soft and hard prototyping, and the care and attention to detail and usability, materials and production methodologies are what made me a “successful” designer.

What is a designer

I think art and design research has continued to fulfill that supporting role, what is generating wealth, improving lives, reducing waste and making everyday life a little more pleasurable.

Sharing our care, insight and intellect, can apply expertise and experience to many aspects of life and not necessarily in the most obvious domains. products that support the care, education and therapy of the sensorially impaired; to new recycled materials impacting on the physical landscape of our cities, which applied its research in New Product development to aid the economic reconstruction of the region.

Develop creative practice and applied knowledge as a core activity of my research agenda. Along the way there also inevitable disappointments but the response to every setback was simply to try harder and show some true intellect and perseverance. Approach the creation of artifacts and the activity of designing as more than merely a problem-solving activity. As designer we use design as a method for understanding and impacting upon the world in which we live. For me, design is as much about defining the question as providing the answer.

I place great value on making and learning through doing, artifacts and products help to elicit information and often overcome misinterpretations of jargon across disciplines. And initiative as contributing to the debate on the economic innovation and social value of craft in the new economy. beyond our disciplinary field and engages in a wider debate embracing interdisciplinary.

We are designer

Committed to the reconstruction of the region and it is rewarding to see the positive impact we have had on the local community, business and the fabric of the city. The complementary balance of skills means we can apply the knowledge emerging from our research in an industrial context. our research activity is enhanced through greater integration with commercial stakeholders. While we embrace new solutions and assimilate material and manufacturing methodologies, what is crucial is how we synthesize these advances — designed objects that provide meaning, pleasure and enjoyment, enhancing our quality of life.

Provide insights, promote reflection, stimulate new ways of thinking and remain a useful international reference tool for designer. Our roles have expanded, not only are we designers, but psychologists, business strategists, engineers, trend analysts and storytellers.