Hello Angels,

I know you are all out there doing great work for our One True GOD, the Almighty. The Lord knows you are doing due diligence to GOD the Father has tasked us to do with skill sets we are gifted to do.

But most of all, always pray to GOD and never lose hope no matter how this Country and the World for that matter, has become. We are letting innocent children and families die drowning as they cross borders, for the ones who survived, they thought they were saved, only to find out they were refused refuge!!! Their own people persecuted them, the innocent and the weak. Yet, we are participating it too by our lack of compassion to help and the inaction as well as participating in divisive rhetoric that has strongly separated us even further.

There are plentiful and bountiful of wealth in this World! How come some of those few people thinks it is fair if they edge higher than others. You see, that is another form of separation and divisiveness, Rich and Poor. Like one started Region and others followed and built their own. That’s again the beginning of divisiveness. There’s only One True God. God of all God’s. One GOD, One World. One Humankind, One People. Stop fighting! Instead, embrace each other and One another like brothers and sisters in God’s eyes.

Love, kindness and happiness are free to give and receive. Try giving more than receiving. It is rewarding. Spread Love, not hate. Spread acceptance, not intolerance. Spread kindness, not cruelty. Spread compassion, not indifference. Love one another. Help one another. Respect each other without bias in terms of religion, faith, belief, race, gender, social status or disability. We need to heal this World. Let’s crusade together by starting to pray for peace to every humankind.

I have more stories to tell. Amazing revelations since I surrendered myself to God, when I hit Rock Bottom, when I was diagnosed of CANCER.

Stay tweeting! More feel good stories to inspire in times of chaos and divisiveness in all counts.

Ariel’s ANGELS